As an AFGE Union Member, you already know the importance of having people on your side.  That’s the common denominator between AFGE and CareerGuard®.  We both provide protection against the unfortunate reality of the day to day workplace.  CareerGuard® is the only professional liability insurance provider that AFGE recognizes.*  CareerGuard® has been providing legal representation for AFGE Union Members for many years, against civil lawsuits, criminal complaints, and administrative/disciplinary actions.

What can CareerGuard® do for you?  AFGE provides its members with bargaining employment related matters.  AFGE negotiates matters on your behalf, including grievances, harassment, and discrimination.  AFGE is there for you with regard to workplace issues that aren’t necessarily matters that require the expertise of federal law.  CareerGuard® provides legal representation for civil lawsuits, criminal complaints, and administrative/disciplinary actions.

AFGE already provides legal services.  Why would I need anything additional?  Yes, AFGE does provide legal services in the form of attorney consultations and reduced lawyer fees.  CareerGuard® is specific to your federal job and the course and scope of your employment.  The average cost of 1-hour attorney fee is $300 – $450.  The annual premium for CareerGuard® is $297 – $403/year (same or less than the average attorney fee).  Have you ever known a case to take an attorney only 1 hour of their time?  Even more so, qualified employees (managers, supervisors, and law enforcement officers) are eligible for 50% reimbursement back from their agency (up to $150).  The cost to have an attorney on retainer each day is less than $.75 cents.  Additionally, your out-of-pocket cost for the insurance may be tax deductible (check with your tax advisor).

If I am sued, won’t the DOJ represent me?  The answer is Yes and No.  The DOJ can and may defend you, but they will not pay any monetary damages on your behalf if you lose the lawsuit.  Even if the DOJ defends you, CareerGuard® will still monitor and work with DOJ on your defense, as well as pay monetary damages up to your policy limit if your case is lost on an approved claim.  You will have the best of both worlds having two legal teams behind you.

*AFGE does not endorse or approve any insurance program

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